A simplest way to monitor Airflow workflows via enhanced graphical interface. Control the processes with robust action features.

Titan Workflow Monitoring gives business users real-time, contextual information about their business services and frees IT organizations from having to respond to routine status update requests. Users can view the workload services that are relevant to them. Titan Workflow Monitoring extends access by clearly displaying tasks and workflow status in an interface all users can easily understand.




Titan Workflow Monitoring improves service delivery by allowing users to manage their own workflows.

Improves customer service

A role-based interface shows business users the information they need at both the job and business service level, allowing them to run faster, but in a secure and audited way

Eliminates requests

Users can both submit and monitor jobs through a fully controlled and audited web GUI instead of relying on change requests, emails, phone calls, or other time-consuming methods


Manage what matters:

Users can view services-jobs that deliver a specific business service - through a web browser. Color-coded tiles indicate service status along with estimated and actual start and end times, completion percentage, and how many jobs are contained in the service.

Access to workflow details:

Job-specific operational actions are available from a simple menu. Actions such as hold, rerun, or kill, enable users to effectively manage their jobs without requiring assistance from IT staff.

Assists compliance auditing:

Titan Workflow Monitoring is fully integrated into the Airflow infrastructure, so actions taken in Titan are available in audit reports generated by CCM.

Improved security:

Titan Workflow Monitoring leverages the comprehensive security infrastructure of the Titan architecture, which ensures consistency and eliminates the need for separate procedures to define and manage self-service users. User administration efforts can be significantly reduced by enabling Titan external security through an LDAP or Active Directory connection.

Enhanced administration:

Workflow administrators can access administrative options through the tools domain.


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