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Get rid of expensive solutions requiring complicated setups and dedicated teams to handle the tasks. GeniumCloud offers a powerful, cost-friendly and easy-to-setup workflow management solution built on the popular Apache Airflow open source project and operated using the Python programming language, featuring intuitive UI and a bundle of helpful tools to increase your productivity!


One standard graphical interface for configuring workloads on different servers, rather than having to configure job entries in several different packages.

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Titan Workflow Monitoring gives business users the visibility, control, and responsiveness they need while freeing up IT personnel/Operations to focus on essential tasks that require their specializes skills.

Users can view the workload services that are relevant to them. Titan Workflow Monitoring extends access by clearly displaying tasks and workflow status in an interface all users can easily understand.


Astra Process Builder is a collaboration tool that automates and simplifies workflow creation and modification, resulting in faster application deployment and improved service delivery.

It supports a collaborative process that allows developers to quickly build or modify workflows, and operations to easily check development changes and make promotion decisions.

Astra Process Builder enables you to define and enforce standards for DAG and Tasks names, application categories, and other elements.

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Omni Infrastructure Monitoring is a tool which aims to verify that processes are scheduled and executed on time.

It provides a visibility of all workers and schedulers at a glance.

With integrated alerting mechanism user will be notified on any outages within a cluster or delays in schedulers.

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