A complete scheduling solution for automating IT and business processing in complex infrastructures, such as batch, ETL, web services and ERP processes.

Astra Process Builder simplifies DevOps collaboration and accelerates time-to-production for application workflows. It supports a collaborative process that allows developers to quickly build or modify workflows, and operations to easily check development changes and make promotion decisions. Automation features enforce workflows – including those built via a shift-left approach – to adhere to predefined enterprise site standards and promote workflows across stages while adapting them for the target environment.




Astra Process Builder saves time for professionals who develop applications and run and orchestrate them in production.

Fast, easy, and accurate

Allows Data Engineers and DevOps engineers to easily submit new or modified application workflows to operations, through intuitive graphical interface

Automated standards, development, and enforcement

Defines standards for multiple environments or applications to ensure workflows are accurate.

Automated promotion

Automates the movement of application workflows across staging environments while adapting them for the target environment


Astra Process Builder enables easy collaboration between requesters and approvers of new or changed workflows, so they can easily address issues and finalize them. It helps automate workflow construction and promotion in accordance to site standards. It can be connected to your change management system.

Submitting requests

An application developer or DevOps engineer fills in a new request form, by either building a new workflow or loading and modifying an existing one and submits the request to operations.

Processing requests

An authorized operator can approve the request and activate it immediately or change and annotate the request and return it to the requestor for further work. This collaborative exchange continues until the request is completed. After a process is created it will be passed through the code quality and security analyze once it passed it can be pushed to Git repository or saved as python code.

Site standards

Astra Process Builder enables you to define and enforce standards for DAG and Tasks names, application categories, and other elements.


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